NY TIMES, October 2019

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It Was a Dark and Stormy Style


Victoriana is creeping back into vogue with exuberant furnishings and accessories.


As the United Kingdom wrestles over its departure from the European Union and finds diversion in the release of “Downton Abbey,” the movie, one thing seems to be sticking around: its décor.


Especially, its Victorian décor: the dramatic patterns, ornate millwork and lavish fabrics and trims associated with the reign of Queen Victoria. Spanning much of the 19th century and lingering like a heavy floral perfume into the 20th, the period coincided with the rise of industrial production and the emergence of the middle class, both provoking and reflecting bourgeois taste.


Recent furnishings and accessories reveal that Victoriana can be relatable even now.

The New York Times | Art and Design, It Was a Dark and Stormy Style, text by Lila Allen, October 1st 2019