GALERIE | December 2021

6 Captivating Discoveries at Design Miami/ This Year

Below is a list of some of our favorite Design Miami/exhibitors who straddle creative boundaries, dazzle our imaginations, and hint of an equitable tomorrow.



Brooklyn-based PELLE joins the fair for the first time with luminous works from its signature Lure Collection. Husband-and-wife design duo, Jean and Oliver Pelle—who met pursuing masters degrees in architecture at Yale—created an infinite, mirror-clad visual landscape to accentuate their six-frond Nana Lure chandelier and one-of-a-kind Lure Eden Mirror Post. Using cast cotton paper, Jean Pelle captures the delicacy of flora. For the Lure Post, each individual petal and carpel is carefully hand cut and colored in the couple’s Red Hook studio. The outcome is visionary—highly covetable, architectural light forms that double as objets d’art. | 6 Captivating Discoveries at Design Miami/ This Year, text by Jacoba Urist, December 6th 2021