Quadrat Cuboid 47 Coffee Table

Pelle's Quadrat Cuboid 47 coffee table
Two Quadrat tables and three Bubble Chandeliers in Pelle's former showroom
Pelle's Quadrat Cuboid 47 coffee table
Glass surface atop Pelle's Quadrat Cuboid 20 coffee table
Pelle's Quadrat Cuboid 47 coffee table
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The Quadrat Series is a collection of coffee and side tables that explore the grid as a three-dimensional object.

The name “Quadrat” comes from the German word for square, and this shape provides the formal building block of the table’s distinctive lattice structure. At once lightweight and incredibly strong, the table’s framework has a layered internal symmetry. Solid wood supports interlock, combining the crisp edges of exacting lines with the continuity of a woven textile. The resulting open grid geometry allows air and light to pass through, sending precise intertwining shadows across the surrounding floor.

The Quadrat Series can be paired with a selection of custom surfaces designed to fit the table’s grid, including a glass or marble “puddle,” a mirror-polished brass plate, a carved oak tray, and hand-thrown pottery pieces. These interchangeable accessories add an element of whimsy to the table’s systemic shape, balancing its linear forms with playful curves.