‘Nana Et Nymphaea’ at Triode Gallery / Paris 2022

3D rendering of a tropical rainforest with mountains in the distance. Pelle's Nana Lure Chandeliers hang above the treetops.
3D rendered street view of Triode gallery. Through the windows are glimpses of Pelle’s Nana Lure and Lure Nymphaea fixtures.
3D rendered room with a shallow pool. Pelle’s Lure Nymphaea fixtures float in the pool and are suspended from the ceiling in clusters.
3D rendering of a foggy room with warm light. Several of Pelle's Nana Lure Pendants hang from the ceiling and create a surrealist forest.
Inside Triode gallery, facing a wall of renderings. Pelle’s Lure Pendant 32 and Stem Shade Rig Wall Lamp hang on either side.
Inside Triode gallery, close up of Pelle’s Lure Pendant 32 with dark purple hand-cast paper flowers. Pelle’s Stem Shade Rig Wall Lamp can be seen in the background.
Street view of Triode gallery signage with a glimpse of Pelle’s Stem Shade Rig Wall Lamp through the window.
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    Exhibition Title:
    Nana Et Nymphaea


    Triode Gallery
    28 rue Jacob
    75006 Paris

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‘Nana et Nymphaea – A Walk Through a Tropical Painting’

In the middle of a bustling city, a lush oasis is presented before you as you open the gallery doors. The forest grove that you enter is strange and man-made. You walk amongst Nana and Nymphaea – giant green fronds and waterlily pads that glow over the tropical mist and pools of blue water. Inspired by the luminous paintings of Claude Monet’s waterlilies, we introduce Lure Nymphaea, a fantasy lighting work that is akin to walking into a painting.

On the occasion of Paris Design Week, Pelle was invited by Triode to re-envision their gallery in collaboration with 3D artist Sébastien Baert. The exhibition combined exclusive lighting pieces, process drawings and signed images, as well as a short film showing the studio and Jean and Oliver’s creative process.

Exhibition opened September 8th, 2022 at Triode Gallery, Paris.

Renderings by Sébastien Baert
Photography by Alexis Toureau