RAVELIN, July 2017

“Past Presence” is The Furniture and Jewelry Collaboration between Erie Basin and Pelle. Synthesizing the historical designs of Erie Basin and the materiality of Pelle’s furniture.


If you’ve ever studied dialectics — and if you’re interested in architecture and design, I bet you probably have (so I better be careful here) — you’ll find a lot to like with this new Pelle collection.

Of course, the essence of the collection is a dialog between Pelle and Erie Basin. There’s also the dialectic investigation of the past vs the present, the pomo vs the mid-century “mo.” There’s the dialectic between the large scale of the furniture and the small scale of jewelry. Most interestingly, there is the dialectic the collection has with itself: it appears first as a furniture collection and then again as a collection of jewelry that’s is in dialog with the original furniture collection…

…All of these elements — the history, the materiality, and the discourse between Pelle and Erie Basin — add up to a very special collection of furniture and lighting that then transforms into a delightful collection of jewelry.

Ravelin Magazin, ““Past Presence” Is The Furniture And Jewelry Collaboration Between Erie Basin And Pelle,” written by Alec Coiro. 2017-07-07.