Pelle presents Far and Wide exhibition

PELLE presents seven new furniture and lighting works that continue the studio’s wide-ranging exploration in design through form-making, painting, and drawn representation in a showroom exhibition titled Far and Wide opening May 16th.


In exploring ideas about painting pictures and containing memory, PELLE introduces the Carrizo Cabinet, a one-of-a-kind oak cabinet meant to hold more than one’s physical possessions. Central to the piece is a pair of cabinet doors that are paneled with original artwork by Jean Pelle – a 48″ x 48″ tiled oil pastel drawing of the Carrizo Plain in central California, a singular place within the memory landscape of the artist.


Hard angles and crude geometries permeate our everyday environment – metal ductwork, roof eave lines, industrial machinery – stolid forms that create a utilitarian landscape that we inhabit without choice but become familiar with. We have absorbed the utility to the point where they become sculptures. For this May, PELLE debuts Helm, a series of new lighting formworks with bold presence, built of heavy aluminum plates and expressive welded joinery.


The grid has always been a fascination. PELLE revisits it once again in a new pair of upholstered oak armchairs for the Quadrat collection, one of the studio’s earliest furniture series. A study of proportion and constraints, the Quadrat Armchair is an interplay of hard and soft lines, both informed by exactitude and ease.


The Lure Lantern 07 is introduced – a full-fledged version of the Lure Lantern 03 shown at the last year’s Design Miami/ Collectors Lounge. A representation of botanical splendor, the Lure Lantern 07 is all about unfettered exuberance. Both an illustration and an illusion of a plant with a material quality that can coexist with us.


About Far and Wide Exhibition:


The exhibition is conceived to showcase three archetypal domestic scenes within the Pelle Showroom. The scenes conjure an atmosphere of possibilities – references to colors used in early modernist European homes, while original artworks by Jean Pelle introduce pictures as new design objects.  A pattern of chain-link fence painted onto canvas fabric is inspired by the city of Los Angeles; puffy white clouds are rendered in oil pastels, recently witnessed on the subtropical island of Jeju, South Korea. The scenes are distilled into compositions of new wood furniture and sculptural metal lights alongside personal artworks – explorations that reach far and wide.


New Works On View:


Carrizo Picture Cabinet, Lure Lantern 07, Quadrat Armchair, Helm Pendant 4, Helm Pendant 3, Helm Reading Lamp, Helm Sconce, ‘Chain-Link Fence’ 24″x24″, ‘Jeju Clouds’ 24″x24″.



Exhibition Dates:

MAY 16-17 & 20-23 10AM-5PM



PELLE  55 Ferris St Brooklyn, New York


Schedule a viewing appointment: / 212-645-2602