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CURBED | March 2022

Weird and Wild Florals are Everywhere You Look

From Katie Stout’s bronze chandelier to the cotton petals on Pelle’s light post, furniture is in bloom

There’s a tournament of roses, so to speak, happening in design right now. Flowers are simply everywhere. In her new solo show at R & Company, Katie Stout has cast a credenza and chandeliers out of bronze — the first time she’s used the material — and adorned it with pastel ceramic and glass flowers. At Head Hi’s third annual lamp show, Hannah Bigeleisen presented her marble-painted plaster Petal sconce and Bryce Peterson heat-bent acrylic to make his cartoonish Bloomin’ Lumen table lamp. It’s a trend that’s been growing since late last year, most notably at Design Miami/, where Pelle presented its Lure Eden light post— made of an illuminated bronze pole, trays, mirror, and dozens of leaves and flowers all sculpted from cotton — and Salon 94 decked out its booth in the late sculptor Gloria Kisch’s massive painted stainless-steel flowers, which she made in the years before her death in 2014. | Floral Design Trend: Furniture and Lighting Is In Bloom, Text by Diana Budds, March 4th 2022