Stiletto Bench III

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    Product Name:
    Stiletto Bench III

    Design Year:

    Poplar, Solid Brass

    Unique and Limited Production

    Made in New York

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The Stiletto Benches balance weight and weightlessness.

Each bench is supported by slender “stiletto” brass heels. These delicate supports are juxtaposed with the substantial proportions of rough-hewn, solid timber. The wood is treated with a smooth finish that highlights the flowing grain and celebrates each knurl, split, and knot. Set within these alluring imperfections, each solid brass heel is discreetly rooted—displaying a disproportionate strength as it echoes the shape of the block it upholds.

The Stiletto Benches are unique pieces, each characterized by a conjoining of intersecting blocks whose significant weight is suspended in an act of effortless balance.