Lure buds in the making
bubbles for bubble chandeliers
Creating a jade patina on metal.
fallen 24k gold dust
crates in loading dock
finishing a klemens mirror frame
drippy spectrum candles
photo credit: melissa morgan walbridge
quadrat cuboid 47 with marble puddle
photo credit: melissa morgan walbridge
photo credit: melissa morgan walbridge
supra bubble chandelier
photo credit: melissa morgan walbridge
building a light
building a pris light
collector's edition glass boxes in showroom
view from below
We express ourselves through the objects we design. Our collections offer physical glimpses into the way we see the world. They originate from an innate desire to translate ideas into tangible form. We begin with a thought, and explore this thought’s potential through an in depth process of sketching, modeling, testing and refining. In this active, hands on process, each product goes through countless iterations before settling into its final form.
Using our extensive training in architecture, we examine every element of our designs, balancing formal innovation with a desire to create useful and delightful pieces. Employing the practices of art and engineering in equal parts, we have turned soap into sculpture, devised multi-dimensional tables from quadratic geometry, and developed a new type of LED technology to produce sustainable lighting with the soft warmth previously only available from incandescent bulbs.