Exhibition: Windows at E.R. Butler & Co., Aug/Sept 2017

From August 15th through September 30th, we exhibited four scenes, inspired by four films, inside the four glass vitrines of E.R. Butler & Co. located at 55 Prince Street in Soho NYC.


Window One brings the drama of the American south with the display of its poetic symbols, such as the white magnolia. Featuring new Lure Pendants. [Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil]


Window Two is a tropical conservatory where a Victorian naturalist obsesses over butterflies and other beautiful creatures. Featuring the new hand-painted Palm Bubble Chandelier. [Angels & Insects]


Window Three is set in the distant future where the universe battles for control of an extremely harsh desert planet. Featuring the Pris Table Lamp and the new Pris Blaze. [Dune]


Window Four takes place downtown where the soaring corporate ambition of the city intertwines with its architectural archetypes. Featuring the Dark Moon Sconce and Silver Veil Lamp, collaborative works with Erie Basin. [Wall Street]