BOFFO Show House Exhibition

Our X-Tall Bubble Chandeliers were on view in the BOFFO Show House on view from May 15 – June 4 2012. Check out the BOFFO website here and read some excerpts from their website:


The BOFFO Show House is a cutting-edge experiment in living showcasing creative furniture, décor, and art creating complete interior environments that redefine possibilities of interior space. The BOFFO Show house will feature one-of-a-kind furniture and art as well as market ready furniture and products, and antiques. Working with some of the most creative, artists, architects, designers, product manufactures, and galleries today, BOFFO with Andrew Yes will creatively assemble four unique spaces.


The project is located at 371 Madison Street in the Lower East Side of New York City. The building was originally made as the PS12 school house. It has now been converted into a 120 unit apartment complex. The BOFFO Show House is situated in four apartments that were renovated from the original auditorium with 20’ ceilings and views to the adjacent gardens.