INFINITE LURE at Design Miami/

‘Infinite Lure’ Curio at Design Miami/ 2021


PELLE presents simultaneous visions of man-made craft with INFINITE LURE, a Curio booth experience that will feature four new lighting works created especially for this year’s Design Miami/.


The booth’s infinitely mirrored space represents the visions of Jean and Oliver Pelle, who join opposing points of view that are harmoniously aligned in their celebration of innovation.


“Our work exists in the space between architectural, mechanical precision, and the intriguing imperfections of making things by hand. The work itself creates a collage where the design choices enrich one another by offering several interwoven story lines rather than a dominant one. We aim at simultaneity where the Abstract carries the Representational, where the Modern contains the Decorative, where the perfectly machined needs the irregularity of the handmade, where the Minimal is imbued with the Exuberant. And vice versa. It is not about design by contradiction, but rather an overlay of the sensibilities of two designers.”


Photography by Eric Petschek