PAST PRESENCE is a collection of three new unusual pieces that resulted from the collaboration between studio founders Jean & Oliver Pelle and Russell Whitmore of Erie Basin.

We will also be debuting a new Lure Chandelier as well as the Lost and Found Table and Lost & Found End Tables, shown above.

PAST PRESENCE is a collaboration between design studio founders Jean and Oliver Pelle of PELLE, and antique dealer and jewelry designer Russell Whitmore of Erie Basin. The collection brings together PELLE’s modern design sensibilities with Whitmore’s specialization in jewelry fabrication and historical design.

With the goal of creating a collection that spans beyond the contemporary context, PELLE and Erie Basin layered decorative elements onto modern forms, combining romantic nostalgia with clean lines. The collection was conceived with intentional playfulness, and each piece experiments with traditional methods and rarely-used materials, creating provocative juxtapositions of weight, austerity, and scale.